At first glance, a traffic offense may seem like a minor matter with relatively insignificant consequences. It is true that the fines for most traffic offenses are not financially devastating. But it is important for defendants to realize that a traffic offense can carry long-lasting and expensive consequences in many different areas of their lives. An experienced Georgia defense attorney can help defendants assert their legal rights and mitigate the collateral damage caused by a traffic citation.

Professional Consequences

Any traffic citation carries the possibility of affecting a driver’s professional life. This is especially true for those employed in the transportation industry. A commercial driver’s license can be suspended or revoked for a wide variety of traffic offenses – even relatively minor ones. Many other jobs also require a clean driving record. Employment can be affected in all of these positions by having a traffic offense on one’s driving record.

More serious traffic offenses can affect a wider range of professionals. Many jobs – such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, accountants, and mental health professionals – require licensure by a state regulatory board. Many of these boards require licensees to report DUI charges to the board as soon as they are filed. The person’s professional license can then be suspended or revoked as a result of the criminal charges. This can have a much more devastating impact upon the licensee than the loss of a job. For some, their entire career is derailed by the inability to practice their chosen profession. It is important for such professionals to have legal advice from an experienced attorney – both in the criminal case and proceedings before the regulatory board.

Administrative Consequences

Traffic citations can also result in administrative consequences. Points on a driver’s license can result in suspension or revocation of driving privileges by the Department of Driver Services. Driving offenses can also cause an insurance carrier to raise the driver’s premiums – or refuse to cover the driver at all. These consequences cost drivers time, money and effort that can be avoided in certain cases.

While an attorney cannot prevent all the consequences of a driving offense, it is sometimes possible to mitigate these consequences. In certain cases, a judge has discretion in the amount of a fine, the terms of a conviction, and the length of a jail term sentencing. All of these outcomes can be improved with effective legal arguments from an experienced attorney. An attorney can also help assert a defendant’s legal rights to fairness in the investigation of traffic offenses. When inadmissible evidence is presented, it is important to make appropriate legal objections in order to prevent it being used against the defendant. Similarly, if inconsistent witness statements or other issues of credibility are raised, it is important for the judge or jury to be made aware of them, and weigh the evidence accordingly.

Experienced Representation for All Types of Traffic Offenses

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