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Anxiety, fear and dread are common emotions many people who have been arrested for a DUI often feel. But once the initial shock wears off, people wonder what repercussions they will face.

How big of a fine will I have to pay? Will I have to go to jail? Will I lose my car or driver’s license?

These are all great questions. The answers to these, however, will depend on your situation and whether this is a first, second or third offense.

Penalties Associated For First-Time DUI Offenders

  • Jail time: First-time DUI offenders can expect to spend between 24 hours to one year in jail, depending on the circumstances.
  • Monetary fines: A $1,000 fine is not uncommon for a first-time offense.
  • Driver’s license suspension: Up to a one-year license suspension is possible, although this can be reduced if a limited driving permit is granted.

Penalties Associated For Second DUI Offenses

As expected, the penalties for a second DUI offense are greater than an initial drunk driving charge.

  • Jail time: Second-time DUI offenders will likely spend a minimum of 72 hours in jail. A maximum sentence of 12 months, however, is possible.
  • Monetary fines: A minimum fine of $600 will be assessed for second offenses.
  • Driver’s license suspension: Second DUI offenders will face up to a three-year driver’s license suspension but a limited driving permit may be granted.

Penalties Associated For A Third DUI Charge

For third DUI charges, the penalties are much more severe, particularly when it comes to driving.

  • Jail time: A minimum of 15 days with a maximum sentence of 12 months is expected for individuals facing a third DUI charge.
  • Monetary fines: A maximum fine of $5,000 can be assessed for third offenses.
  • Driver’s license suspension: A mandatory five-year driver’s license suspension, with the possibility of a limited driving permit after two years

Along with these penalties, community service, DUI, alcohol or drug risk reduction program classes are also possible requirements. Further, drivers facing DUI who are either under age 21 or commercial drivers will also face harsher penalties.

The Steep Expense Of An Ignition Interlock Device

Another requirement is an ignition interlock device, a Breathalyzer attached to a person’s vehicle known as an IID. It mandates the driver blow into the device before it’s started and also at random times.

The costs associated, however, are the responsibility of the driver — and they can be expensive. Drivers must pay an initial installation cost, and monthly maintenance and calibration fees. In some situations, even first-time DUI offenders can be mandated to install an IID on their vehicle.

The Importance Of Getting Legal Assistance To Handle Your DUI Charge

Whether this is your first offense or you are facing a subsequent drunk driving charge, there are not only excessive court fines and jail time but indirect consequences as well.

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