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Defending Atlanta Metro Against A Wide Range Of Drug Charges

Drug charges in the state of Georgia are among the harshest in the country. The penalties for simple drug possession are much different from those for offenses involving drug possession with intent to distribute.

Penalties Associated With Simple Drug Possession

In Georgia, the penalties for simple drug possession will often depend on how the drug is classified. The state categorizes drugs, or controlled substances, into what’s known as schedules.

They range from I through V. Those found in possession of a Schedule I controlled substance, like heroin for instance, will face the greatest penalty. It is not uncommon for individuals caught with a Schedule I CDS for the first time to face a 15-year prison sentence.

Consequences For Drug Possession With Intent To Distribute

Individuals who are charged with drug possession involving the intent to distribute will likely face much steeper consequences. Similar to basic possession, the penalties will depend on which Schedule the drug falls under. A Schedule I drug like LSD carries a minimum five-year prison term.

When it comes to drug crimes, authorities in the state of Georgia show no mercy. Getting legal representation — one with experience handling serious felony matters — to advocate for you is vital.

My Criminal Defense Approach: Your Goal Is My Goal

I am criminal defense attorney Jacob Stidham. From misdemeanors to serious felony crimes, I have handled them all. I know the law and have litigated cases in front of many juries.

Although I have extensive experience trying cases in front of a jury, if that isn’t the right approach to accomplish your goal, then I won’t do it. As your lawyer, I will ask you what you want to accomplish and then work backward to achieve that goal.

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