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Caught Driving Without

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Representing Lawrenceville, Cumming And All Of Atlanta Metro Georgia With Motor Vehicle Citations

For many of us, driving is a vital part of our everyday lives. We simply cannot get to work or school without a vehicle, particularly if there are no other viable alternative transportation options available.

However, driving without a valid driver’s license, proper vehicle registration or auto insurance is not taken lightly in the state of Georgia — particularly for those unlawfully residing in the country.

Penalties For Driving Without Tags Or Insurance

Driving on a suspended or canceled license is considered a misdemeanor in the state of Georgia. Along with vehicle impoundment, individuals will likely have to pay reinstatement fees, among other repercussions.

Penalties For Undocumented Immigrants Caught Driving Without A License

Undocumented immigrants caught driving a vehicle without a license or registration face even harsher penalties. Along with vehicle impoundment and fines, detention and deportation proceedings are likely, even for those who have lived in the United States with their families as productive citizens for many years.

If you have been caught driving without a driver’s license or registration, it’s important to get a lawyer who can help.

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