The Confusing Enforcement of Marijuana Laws in Georgia

The United States has a confusing patchwork of state and federal laws related to marijuana. Medicinal and recreational use, amounts for legal possession, paraphernalia, and other matters related to marijuana can all be subject to different legal regulations depending upon the state one happens to be in - or even different places within the same [...]

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The Serious Consequences of Georgia Drug Cases

Defendants may be surprised to learn that even first offense drug cases carry severe penalties under Georgia law. Fines, jail terms, and other collateral consequences of a criminal conviction can all follow a defendant throughout his or her life for years after the criminal case has been finalized. Because of this, it is particularly important [...]

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The Legal Status of Marijuana in Georgia

With about half of the states in the United States now permitting marijuana usage in one capacity or another, the law concerning the legal status of marijuana is very much in flux. Because many of these states change their marijuana rules from one year to another, it is easy for the average person to become [...]

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