Traffic Offenses Can Carry Serious Collateral Consequences

At first glance, a traffic offense may seem like a minor matter with relatively insignificant consequences. It is true that the fines for most traffic offenses are not financially devastating. But it is important for defendants to realize that a traffic offense can carry long-lasting and expensive consequences in many different areas of their lives. [...]

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The Long Lasting Consequences of Federal Criminal Charges

Many people have heard the expression “don’t make a federal case out of it”. But fewer are aware of why, exactly, federal cases are so much more consequential than cases in state court. Federal sentencing guidelines impose mandatory minimum sentence lengths on many different federal crimes. This makes it even more important for defendants in [...]

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The Confusing Enforcement of Marijuana Laws in Georgia

The United States has a confusing patchwork of state and federal laws related to marijuana. Medicinal and recreational use, amounts for legal possession, paraphernalia, and other matters related to marijuana can all be subject to different legal regulations depending upon the state one happens to be in - or even different places within the same [...]

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Outdated Criminal Laws Can Unfairly Discriminate Against LGBTQ Defendants

Certain crimes have been ruled unconstitutional by both the Georgia Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. When this happens, prosecutions of such cases must stop, and the criminal statutes are often rewritten to reflect the change. But what happens to defendants who have already been convicted under the old statute? For some, it [...]

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Georgia Legislators Consider a New Hate Crime Law

Hate crime laws designate certain criminal offenses for enhanced sentencing. These offenses are committed based upon race, national origin, or other similar biases the perpetrator has against the victim of the crime. Georgia is one of only five states which do not have designated hate crimes written into state criminal statutes. Now, state lawmakers are [...]

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